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McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Part 1

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

MSTR® is an innovative, pain-free, natural method of helping you with your scars.

Gentle, finger-tip pressure is applied to the area to help free the restrictions in the scar.

No force is involved, and the work is always applied within your tolerance.


Scars may have a huge influence on our presenting muscular problems. They can cause:

• restrictions in the fascia

• reduction in blood and lymph flow

• weaken muscular strength

• reduce the flow of energy

• inhibit joint movement

They may feel and look unpleasant and may even upset us emotionally due to the traumatic events that created them. Fortunately help is at hand…

SCAR TISSUE - Why it shouldn’t be ignored!

Surgical interventions around the world continue to rise. The resulting scars never go away. They are an ever-present reminder of the day of that surgery. Scars also arise from accidents, wounds from wars and conflicts, personal attacks and many other traumas. The effects of post-surgical scars on the human body cannot be underestimated. According to researchers Karel Lewit MD and Sarka Olsanka:

‘If the scar is…untreated, it may be the cause of therapeutic failure and recurrence.”

Source: “Clinical Importance of Active Scars: Abnormal Scars as a Cause of Myofascial Pain.” Lewit & Olanska - 2002

In other words, no matter what physical therapy intervention is used, untreated scars may oppose our best efforts to remedy related pain and restrictions in mobility.

The body forms scar tissue as a natural response to trauma when the skin is lacerated or punctured either by accident or purposefully ie. surgery. Collagen is laid down during the repair process and results in a thickened, fibrous mass which can interrupt the proper circulation of blood, congest lymph flow, and even impact on Range of Motion. Additionally, the severing of delicate nerve tissue often results in dysthesia of not only the scar but the adjacent, surrounding tissue. As the scar is fibrous and non-elastic it will have a dragging and pulling effect on the bio-mechanical function of all physiological systems, particularly the fascial membrane covering muscles, organs and glands.

One interesting side-effect of MSTR® work is the common feedback from patients that they feel more energised after scar work has been performed. Possibly an increase of energy (and blood flow) through those restricted pathways…


The treatment of scar tissue is a vital element in the treatment of musculoskeletal and myofascial pain. Untreated scar tissue may inhibit other treatment applications from successful and longer lasting outcomes. Psychological and emotional states may also improve as scar tissue is addressed and the patient experiences better integration and normalisation of the tissues.

Written by Alistair Mcloughlin, founder of MSTR

Edited slightly by Cath Dinnie

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