Workshops & Classes  


  • Ageless Grace Brain and Body Fitness Program (for our Seniors),

  • Fit4Kidz Brain and Body Fitness Program (for Preschool to Year 3),

  • Infant Massage Instruction (for carers and non-crawling babies),

  • Basic Stretching, Self-Massage



  • Stress Management and How it Affects the Body

  • Swedish Massage for Couples


Infant Massage Instruction

This Class is about teaching you how to massage your baby (non-crawling) either in a class environment or one on one. I demonstrate the massage techniques on a doll while you practice on baby. There are three 1 x hour sessions. Money is to be paid upfront - this covers all three sessions. Class of no more than five people is $90 per person. One on one in your home is $120 to cover travel costs. For more information please contact us

Ageless Grace Brain & Body Fitness is a seated exercise program where we use our imagination and move to music. Exercises are often intended to not only move the body but to mix the brain up a little at the same time. It is lots of fun and full of laughter and childish behaviour! Classes are 45 minutes to 1 x hour in length. $10/person. We need a minimum of five people to form a class and a space to work in.

Basic Stretching for the Whole Body is about spending the time once a week to stretch out the muscles and keep our body flexible and balanced. Stretching is done standing or on the floor. BYO yoga mat, towels and drinking water. Allow 45 minutes to 1 x hour. $10/person. We need a minimum of five people to form a class and a space to work in!


Fit4Kidz Brain and Body Fitness Program (for Preschool to Year 3)

As children develop, their need for movement far exceeds that of adults.  Kids need to move more than just to shake their wiggles out but to also develop both physical and cognitive skills through the stimulation of neuroplasticity. 


Physical Movement + Cognitive Stimulation + Music = BRAIN BENEFIT

4EVERFit4KIDZ!™ can be incorporated in the classroom to reinforce classroom curriculum or for a much-needed Brain break.     


A Brain break without the disruption of leaving the classroom, and no need for the teacher to learn any special choreography. A Stress Reliever for Students AND Teachers.


The 21 FUN Movement Skills for KIDS help children develop and refine:

  • bilateral integration skills

  • eye-hand coordination

  • sensory processing skills

  • Spatial Awareness   


Swedish Massage Instruction for Couples.

This workshop is aimed to teach you the basic techniques for relaxation massage so you can treat each other at home.


It requires two full days and your own supplies such as a massage table, towels and lunch! We need a minimum of three couples to form a class.

Cost approximately $150 per person, depending on venue hire cost.

Stress Management & How It Affects The Body.

We all have a story of how we’ve experienced stressful moments or situations. But did you know that stress affects all 7 major systems of the body. 

  • Cardiovascular 

  • Respiratory 

  • Gastrointestinal 

  • Endocrine 

  • Nervous 

  • Musculoskeletal

  • Reproductive  


In this workshop we delve deeper and discuss how stress affects each of these systems and the many ways we can manage stress.


Of course, just to make sure you go home with tools to put into practice, we also take the time to learn a small number of stretching exercises, basic meditation, deep breathing techniques and ways to massage away muscle pain!

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